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What WordPress does offer is a great starting point. Though using H1 tags more than once is not wrong from a coding or design point of view, it’s not ideal for SEO.

What WordPress does offer is a great starting point. Though using H1 tags more than once is not wrong from a coding or design point of view, it’s not ideal for SEO. I’ve also learned a lot about PhotoShop via YouTube so that helped me design an new header image for the site. It signals what is important to us in our site design. Staging Environment: Having a way to build, test and experiment with your site out of the public eye, and then easily publish it later, can be helpful. User reviews and feedback can tell you if the developers are trusted and have a good reputation. The Nitecore is probably good for tactical use, with the thick dual springs, and the versatile UI. 4: How Do I choose A Good WordPress Hosting Solution? Support For Plugins: Some hosting providers won’t permit certain plugins. I begin re-enabling my plugins one at a time to find out which one of them was causing the problems.

Keep the old adage in mind: If everything is important, then nothing really is!

Check out support forums, reviews and feedback from long-term users to make your assessment. Be sure to check with your SEO consultant to see how your particular WordPress theme handles categories. The free version surprisingly includes quite a few features, including being able to see contact form submission data in the WordPress admin. Backup & Restore: A few providers offer “one click” solutions to restore your site from backups if anything goes wrong. Reputation: Some providers look great on the outside, may even be strong brands, but offer low-quality hosting solutions. Keep in mind that you may also need additional plugins for tasks tangential to SEO, such as one that allows you to implement your analytics tracking code across the website. Keep the old adage in mind: If everything is important, then nothing really is! This script acts kind of like a project manager would: they manage a bunch of different inputs from different team members, then organize it into one coherent document before presenting it to management.

According to Jeff King, GoDaddy’s General Manager of Hosting and Security, the company has been taking an increasingly proactive stance against security threats of late. If not, a managed WordPress hosting solution handles your technical, security, administration and performance issues for a modest fee, leaving you free to focus on your business and handle things like content creation. Starting a business blog is about more than posting the occasional product photos or information on your latest sale. That’s a great question if you already have a company website and want to add a blog. Do you really want to run additional database queries every time someone looks at a post? As this website was our first WordPress website, it was hacked many a times, we ourselves did wrongs, we had to shift WordPress – we need to give it more time than usual. I recommend that you only use H1 for the first heading, which is often the most important one on the page.

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A smarter way to use WordPress widgets is to offer tailored content focused on what the visitor finds on that page. WordPress widgets let you target sub-niche audiences within your niche, engaging them in content they have expressed interest in. By helping content marketers focus on what your audience cares about, testing if creative ideas are likely to work, and adjusting the site’s keyword strategy suitably, your chances for success can be maximized. HTML5 opened the door to this practice, but when people use multiple H1 tags on a page, it can be seen as spammy and harm organic search rankings. You need a specialist working for you who understands organic search, knows how SEO strengthens your marketing, and keeps you from making costly mistakes. Expertise: A hosting provider may actually be a WordPress specialist — or just an expert at selling! The myth of the “SEO Optimized CMS” continues to spread only because CMS vendors have made it a unique selling point. Where else in the world will one find a place where human beings actually live in peace with the wildlife to the point where there is no fear between them? Will It Be Updated And Supported? Options will vary depending on your theme.

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They will usually appear on the right side border where other ads appear, depending on what layout you have. Finally, be aware that proper WordPress hosting will have a greater cost than cut-rate shared hosting. Hosting companies usually come up with certain solutions, deals and packages. Whether you want to build a hobby website or a new home for your online business, you’ll find their hosting plans reasonable. But you also don’t want to work straight off a hosted server, as the lag of FTP’ing changes would be slow you down. Backup your header file before you try these changes. This file contains key information about your site’s configuration and database. The key SEO lesson here isn’t to add many new things or a broader range of content, functions or offerings, but instead to narrow down on to the subject or topic being discussed on that URL. At Byte Technology, we understand that creating a successful online presence for non-profits isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” undertaking. If you run or own a WordPress based website then chances are pretty good that you might be beginning to think about creating custom themes, extensions, plugins etc., to revamp the overall performance of your website.

Think of your blog in terms of a warm greeting. Never forget, though, that playing around with caching preferences isn’t as easy as the possibility to check/uncheck options provided by the plugins UI makes you think. Premium version of the plugin also can delete the unused values in the tables that are left from deleted plugins and themes. A couple years ago I left the fixed hardware world, better known as shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, and set sail for the lush beaches of cloud services. Public Sector in the Cloud? InkTheme has a great support forum. Support: Will there be adequate technical support for the plugin from the developers, or the community? I also received lots of WordPress-specific support from ExonHost over the years, whereas they could’ve simply refused to offer me ‘script-specific support’ as it’s “beyond the scope of their service”, like most hosts do. According to Yahoo, 80% of a Web page’s load time is spent downloading the different parts of the page, like images, stylesheets, and scripts. Pingdom is a free tool that gives you full-site performance information including load time, page size, as well as a detailed analysis of each page on your website.

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However, the best feature of this tool is that it provides you with unique results for the desktop and mobile versions of your site. Some, however, can hurt your SEO. That said, it’s important to note that password protecting your admin directory can have a negative side effect. If you have an article on the web with ten pictures, that would equal 40 – 70 megabytes of data that your web browser would have to download so you could read it. And if your web site is slow going you could lose much of your prospective visitors due to the slowed web site. Many factors — like cost, ease of installation, and web server management — can influence your choice. Plus, you can sleep better at night! Plus, it makes new content inside forums and groups easier to discover, both on search engines and by visitors to your site’s home page. Make new content inside forums and groups easier to discover. Because this is the most popular content management platform, it is also the one most often targeted by hackers.