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We shall discuss this plugins also. We shall discuss more about how I arrived at who used the best themes and why they used these themes.

We shall discuss this plugins also. We shall discuss more about how I arrived at who used the best themes and why they used these themes. But before we dive into the deep sea and catch these themes, why don’t we first understand the qualities, factors and characteristics of an excellent theme? BUT WAIT. Before we start our theme search, we first need to identify and understand the true quality features of a WordPress theme. As you can see from the results, EWWW Image Optimizer comes in first place with an impressive 77.75% reduction in file size with a lossy compression algorithm. · A great theme should harness the power of speed by using compression techniques, render blocking JavaScript techniques and css compression techniques. Use gzip compression. You can optimize your blog with gzip compression. What if I use the pheromone trick? If you don’t know the pheromone trick, I suggest you read the full contents. YES. The pheromone trick is the best approach.

  • Crunchify is a mature site and started getting very higher traffic
  • 10 minutes
  • You will be compelled to put up huge banner ads or floating ads, which really cripple your site
  • Your website is not optimized for SEO
  • Split larger posts
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • Portfolio items Custom Post type (unlimited)
  • Search engine friendly pages are created

Yes. You can make your WordPress blog private and hide it from the internet. Caching is the one element that’ll make the biggest difference to page load speed. Having to load a 2MB site via mobile in a 3G connection is a recipe for disaster. The engineering and manipulation of these files and objects on the pages while they load will affect the performance of the theme. The performance of a theme is now judged on speed, responsive designs and the quality of the components of the theme like the arrangements of the css files on the pages, JavaScript files, images and other objects. Exceptional Code & Framework Quality – We’ve spent years developing the framework on which Atelier is built upon, and it shows with the incredible performance that you can squeeze out of sites built with it. EasyEngine makes managing WordPress sites easy with Nginx web-server. NGINX – as I told you in the Bluehost section, NGINX performs much better than the slower Apache web server that many shared hosts use.

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In the second section, we’ll cover more on identifying malicious bot traffic and how to best mitigate the problem. The Startup plan also provides 10 GB of space which is great for any website/brimming blog but in case you have a huge site that receives tons of traffic you might have to buy higher and costlier plans. Ratings tools check that the optimizations have been made. Some themes also stand out in providing user backend tools and plugins to enhance quick publishing and easier navigation but are poor in speed when loading and includes plenty codes in the browser scripts. As an authority website builder, you are not required to discern in detail all these techniques. As a website blogger and builder, you have to be able to prevent these small technical issues or hire someone to tackle them. As a website builder, you don’t necessary need to know how to create all these techniques, but you must know how to identify themes taking advantage of all these techniques. Your site initial loading page must be not more than 400 kilobytes. You will then use Google page speed checker to check the speed of your site and compress the files that are affecting your loading speed.

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2. If you are a Mac user, use ImageAlpha and then ImageOptim to reduce the file size of your website’s PNGs to compress the file size of your website’s PNGs. There are some factors that might be affected by the speed of a website’s theme. There are a lot of good WordPress caching plugins available, but we recommend using either WP Rocket (premium) or WP Super Cache (free) plugin. It ensures that the visitors to your WordPress blog or website access the cache of your website rather than accessing your website from the actual servers. Through the miracle of virtualization, Virtual Private Servers parcel up server space in such a way that you are effectively running your own machine in isolation. But there are a couple features you in here you don’t want to miss! Like any host, there is a chance that you may get some down time, and Bluehost has had some reviews from customers reporting significant down times.

Sometimes knowing the structure of themes can help us to adjust them to reach their potentials.

The process of designing automobiles involves the execution of countless ideas and intelligence like speed enhancements techniques, spectacular shape designs and quality engineering tactics of metals and compounds. The themes i discovered in most theme websites were just marketing their showcased themes because of the theme’s high incentives and high marketing budgets which were not entirely related to quality. At the beginning I was very anxious to find their themes because I knew more about the WordPress structure. Sometimes knowing the structure of themes can help us to adjust them to reach their potentials. If I can get what the top bloggers are using, I can average these themes on a tabular form and reach which ones are most used. All you will have to do is link your HubPages account to your Google AdSense account, the instructions for that are within your account. Already the latest changes made by Google have made it easy for local businesses to get recognition and make a place among the big trades. The company is doing best at its end to perform better and you should also test their capabilities and it can be ensures that you will get the best service.

I personally speed up my own website with these techniques and I will ask anyone who is passionate about their site do the same. It’s similar to Google’s tool in that it breaks down specific fixes you can take right now to improve the speed and health of your site. Speed is also a critical component of Google’s ranking algorithm. Google ranking places the loading speed of a website as an important ranking factor. You are advised to test your website speed using tools like KeyCDN Speed Test, Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, GTmetrix, and others. When you become familiar with these qualities, you will be like a football manager who knows the right player for a position during a game. We have integrated a cute responsive portfolio gadget that would display your work, projects professionally and will bring awesomeness in the design. So, I have already stopped that. So, I decided to give W3 Total Cache a try. DNS is served from cache until it expires.