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When you enable caching on your WordPress site, the total amount of requests your web server experiences will go down dramatically, which can help load times to go down as well. That concludes my tutorial on how you can speed up your WordPress site and boost its Google PageSpeed score.

When you enable caching on your WordPress site, the total amount of requests your web server experiences will go down dramatically, which can help load times to go down as well. That concludes my tutorial on how you can speed up your WordPress site and boost its Google PageSpeed score. As mentioned earlier, besides the main web server, MaxCDN significantly improves the image optimization that smoothens the page load processes without the possibility of a speed lag. Its main function is to ignore HTTP and https parts of the URLs. Changes in URLs happen from time to time. Before you get started, it’s important to take some measurements and run a few tests to get some benchmarks, so you’ll know if the changes you’re making are actually improving your site. This is why Points are more related to physical size than pixels. OK, now we’ve got the right tools, and you have a basic idea why we need to optimize our images. Read below for the methods I use to optimize images with IrfanView and I’m certain you’ll be able to do the same with your Mac-specific tool of choice. Instead, my tool of choice for simple image optimization is IrfanView.

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Coffee Cup Milk Cream What I also like more about the IrfanView plugin versus the Photoshop one is the quality slider that lets you slide from 1 to 100% for your JPEG quality. But, if you want to get into more advanced photo editing, Photoshop has now released an older version (CS2) to download for free. Open Cart is accessible as free software as it’s specified in the GNU General Public License released in 2009.Although OpenCart is the new discover platform among these five e-commerce platforms , it has already proved itself as a peak choice. Picasa — this is my photo organization tool of choice. It’s a horrible name for an amazing tool. It’s your website’s address on the internet. With internet connections getting faster and faster every year, you would expect that optimizing the speed of your website would become less of a priority. Switching over to a better hosting provider will speed up your WordPress loading time for up to several seconds.

That’s amazing as the premium wordpress themes allow you to be your own boss. So how are we going to get this image that’s already been reduced by 93% down ANOTHER 60%? That’s good enough, right? In our to do that, you need the right tools. If you really want to make sure that, you may be with WP engine, a company that specializes in WordPress go . WordPress calls these sizes: Original, Large, Medium, and Thumbnail. Here’s my original file, it’s 1.63MB large, and you can see here that at 180 and 72 DPI respectively, the file size does not change at all. That said, I advise you to change to encourage click. From your Dashboard, hover over the Settings link in the (black) left column, then click General. If you’re not using WP Rocket, you’ll be able to do all the minificiation with Autoptimize: With the plugin installed, head to Settings → Autoptimize and tick the options to optimise HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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You get options to compress and convert your images to different formats. I don’t think it’s best suited for optimizing your images for the web, but I thought it is worth a mention here as well. Take keyword research seriously, because it may mean the difference between not being found anywhere on the Web, or being the first site that users click on when performing a search. As we mentioned earlier, your visitors can tell the difference between quality and junk and if you’re using clip art then you are leaning toward the latter. But this can be easily disputed right within IrfanView. This tutorial will focus on image optimization using IrfanView. This will open a new screen that puts the original image next to an optimized version. And let’s not forget that even a small 800px wide JPG can be up to a 1 or 2MB file if not properly optimized. R) and reduce the DPI to 72 and you’ll notice two things: (1) The actual size of the image on the screen doesn’t change even one pixel; and (2) The size of the file remains exactly the same. There’s no amount of resampling or resizing you can do to change the appearance of your image with the DPI of the image.

That means you can skip the slider and get straight to the point. This means if you just placed an image straight from your camera onto your webpage, that image would exceed the width of the whole screen by at least 2 times. Use the report to make WordPress specific optimizations that improve load times. Of course, WordPress is very safe, however, you still need to take precautions. However, what about that 1% of the time when for some reason it has been deactivated? The reason images are a bit of a sticking point with websites is that it really is another skill-set outside of WordPress that you need to learn a little about in order to do it well on your site. First off, the reason optimizing images is important is because you love your visitors. Large images that load slowly just upset everyone. The general rule of thumb for images in your posts or pages is 50KB. This ensures that the image will load almost immediately when your page gets hit.

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Step 2: Disable Hotlink Protection – protects websites from pasting YOUR images on THEIR website when the image is still hosted by you, which means you are consuming bandwidth from their website. Before introducing a particular feature on a client’s site, drive test in your own website to see its pros and cons. IrfanView is a super lightweight, but feature rich little image editor that I think every website owner should have. Even though WordPress is incredibly user-friendly compared to many other CMSes, some clients either can’t wrap their heads around it, or just don’t have time to deal with it. Even then, if you want any kind of transparency in your image, then you need to learn about alpha transparency and 24-bit pngs. What you need to know right away is that every image you upload into WordPress is most often automatically made into 3 additional sizes of images.